Countdown to QICSIM 2015:


 The Queen’s International Affairs Association is proud to welcome all to Canada’s premier crisis simulation for 2015. This year, it is our pleasure to announce the topic ‘Crisis in the Modern World’ where when our past meets the present, the future will be up to the delegates to decide. With many historical milestones occurring in the upcoming year, academics and politicians alike have begun reflecting on the extent society and the international community has progressed towards achieving global security. Delegates will face crises which will require them to amalgamate the lessons of history and the goals of contemporary governments in order to overcome disputes and influence the direction of global security.

This fast paced and content driven conference is aimed towards first-year beginners to Model United Nations Crisis style debate and veterans alike. With each participant placed into a team, delegates will work jointly to tackle the crises as a nation or as a global community.

Details about the conference can be found above.

Registration is now open for the 2015 edition!