What is QICSIM?

The Queen’s Interactive Crisis Simulation (QICSIM) is a conference based on Princeton University’s Interactive Crisis Simulation (PICSIM). It differs from Model UNs in that it is much more problem-solving based, giving students a greater hands-on experience with regards to international relations and crisis management. More importantly, the nature of the simulation gives participants an academic approach to many of the themes addressed, since an enormous amount of research goes into creating a realistic and meaningful simulation of international events.

The Queen’s International Affairs Association is proud to welcome all to Canada’s premier crisis simulation for 2016. This year, it is our pleasure to announce the topic ‘A Gathering Storm’ set in a alternate history World War II. While history is too often taken for granted this topic allows for an exploration into a world that could have been, while giving the opportunity to make the type of choices to build a world for the future. Delegates will face crises which will require them to amalgamate the lessons of history and the goals of historical governments in order to overcome a very ahistorical challenge that nonetheless remains grounded in histroy.

This fast paced and content driven conference is aimed towards first-year beginners to Model United Nations Crisis style debate and veterans alike. With each participant placed into a team, delegates will work jointly to tackle the crises as a nation or as a global community.

Who are the Delegates?

QICSIM attracts delegates from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, yet there is a universal similarity to them all: high achieving, intelligent and well-rounded individuals who wish to expand their horizons beyond the classroom. The very nature of QICSim draws the crème de la crème of scholars from Queen’s University and Royal Military College of Canada to explore, understand and learn. The conference is particularly suited to both beginner and experienced delegates as the entire simulation takes place through small teams of 7-10 which are balanced based on the profiles of each delegate.

When and Where?

QICSIM 2016 will be held on the 12th March, 2016, at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre.

Who will be Attending?

We are still waiting on confirmation of our official speakers and esteemed guests. Check back soon to see the final list!